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I heard great things about the many positives from multiple sessions in a tachyon chamber and was happy to find one in Miami where I live. I am a 58-year-old male and former athlete feeling the pain in my knees and lower back from years of training and sport. It's been catching up with me. I have now tried Nicole's tachyon chamber 5-6 sessions and the results are absolutely amazing. I no longer have lower back issues and while my knee had lost most of its cartilage I am walking with less pain and no longer taking every day 3-4 Aleve tablets. I am signed up for more sessions and also enjoy the acupuncture treatments at the clinic as well. I am encouraged by the results so quickly and highly recommend Tachyon Miami and Health By Choice!

-Don B. L., Miami

The staff at Health by Choice is truly exceptional!!! The ambiance is soothing and peaceful. Just tried the Tachyon Chamber and must say that the experience was incredible!!! I've felt more relaxed and had better sleep since my session... Looking forward to my next session.


I have received at least 14 sessions with the Tachyon chamber, the first 2 sessions knocked me out of my body! after that , and my initial reason why I went for Tachyon was a nagging and stubborn pain due to a left leg sciatica. After 5 sessions ...I felt no more sciatica! I kept doing it and to see how better I could feel and after more sessions all my joints pain, hands and knee pain were also gone! I am a middle age lady, I don't work out, I don't have any specific diet or expensive supplements.... but after all those 14 sessions received I know that this will be my regular medical remedies I need. All in one therapy! 

Thanks to health by choice team and Cobra, along with his team of expert out of our galaxy, the Pleadians, I'm hooked for life with this faster than light energy technology....

Grateful patient...
Monica T., Coconut Cree