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When Your Energy is Blocked

If any layer of the subtle body system is blocked, energy will not flow freely down into the next grosser level. From that level onward, there will be significant deficiencies of energy. Blockages in any of the subtle layers prevent Tachyon energy from flowing freely into the material body. This is why so many diseases are co-influenced or co-created by blockages in subtle bodies. This also explains why our psychological state affects our physical body.

In fact, the emotional and mental bodies are so subtle they do not directly interfere with the physical body. Since the life force has to flow through the mental and emotional bodies, there is an indirect influence when these bodies are blocked. Significant blockages eventually create physical disease.

Tachyon Energy Visualization

This information is the basis for the creation of many different frequency oriented energy systems. Some of the energies we can use as therapy are:

• Photon Energy
• Crystal Energy
• Magnets
• Orgone Energy
• Light Acupuncture
• Radionic Devices
• Photon Lights
• Electromagnetic and Sound Therapy

Of course, all of these energy systems work well when they all have the potential ability to remove some blockages. However, energetic frequency therapies, in general, have two limits.

One is that all these energies are limited to a certain frequency, for example, between 16 and 32 mu-meters. This is a certain spectrum of the auric field of our subtle body layers, and provided we have blockages between 16 and 32 mu-meters, photon energy, if applied correctly, can help.

But what if our problem is not rooted in that spectrum of frequencies? What if our problem is mainly an energy blockage in the realm of 35 to 50 mu-meters? There might be some small benefit from applying photon energy, but the problem will not be cleared.

Like photon energy, all subtle energy systems used for therapies only work on their specific frequency. The effect of any particular frequency is determined by the nature of that frequency. Photon energy, orgone energy, or electromagnetic energy, for example, can help because each has certain characteristics that forcefully move the human body in another direction. However, if we don't need this specific frequency, such energies can also be harmful.

Orgone energy can heal, but can also make you really sick. It requires knowledge and experience to use these subtle energy devices safely.