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How Tachyon Energy is Different

Tachyon energy is different from photon, orgone and electromagnetic energy. Tachyon energy is not a certain type of energy, but rather includes all energies in itself. Whatever goes wrong in our physical body or in the subtle bodies, can be corrected by applying specific information for that particular process. This is possible through Tachyon energy, because it is the gateway back to zero-point energy. This is something that no frequency can do. All frequencies are just part of the whole, and part of what is anchored in the zero-point energy, but all frequencies are limited in their specific effects. Tachyon is totally non-specific. Tachyon really doesn't have any effect in and of itself.

What Tachyon gives our body and our subtle bodies the chance to produce whatever effects they need. And since our bodies are incredibly intelligent, they always produce the effects that are good for them. The two limits that we find confining all other forms of energetic medicine don't apply to Tachyon because it is not limited to a certain frequency.

Tachyon has the power to assist the body to heal itself, increase performance, stamina, and peaceful focus in all arenas including sport recorvery.

The difference between the energy used by subtle energy devices and Tachyon energy is that Tachyon cannot be influenced in any way whatsoever by any other form of energy. All other forms of subtle energies that are used in energetic medicine can be influenced by one's own thoughts and feelings. Below the speed of light energies have a gravitational pull that attracts energies to each other so they stick to together.

This creates influence, which changes and alters the energies. Tachyon moves beyond the speed of light so it has no gravitational pull so it cannot stick to anything and no energy can stick to it.

 No matter how bad our thoughts are, how low our emotional content is, no matter what kind of negativity we produce in any form, it can never alter Tachyon energy or its ability to give us access to zero-point energy.

Benefits of Tachyon Energy

So potentially, all problems we have—mental, emotional, spiritual or physical—can be positively affected by Tachyon energy! Another wonderful aspect of using only the source energy is that we do not have to deal with unwanted side effects. It sometimes causes detoxification and healing reactions that, for a short time, may feel overwhelming, but there will never be a negative outcome.

Tachyon energy is also free of that second limit. It doesn't require so much knowledge and experience to apply Tachyon correctly because the body is in charge of the process anyway. We do not forcefully apply it for a certain specific effect, but we rather let the body produce its own healing effects. Tachyon energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process.

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